3.6. Plans

Plans are simple ToDo lists. They are particularly well-suited to plan medium and long-term endeavours. A plan can consist of a number of individual activities with which completion dates are associated.

3.6.1. Create a new plan

  1. Go to Content -> Plans.
  2. Click the Create new plan button.
  3. Give your plan a title.
  4. Give your plan a description. It is visible when you select a plan for inclusion into a portfolio page.
  5. Click Save plan.

Now you can add individual tasks to your plan.

3.6.2. Add tasks to a plan

There are several ways to add a task to a plan:

  • Click on Add task right after you saved your plan.
  • Click on Content -> Plans -> the title of the plan -> New task.
  • Click on Content -> Plans -> the Manage tasks button manage -> New task.

Once you are in the New task screen, you can create your new task:

  1. Enter a title for your task.
  2. Provide a completion date. This is compulsory and allows for tasks to be marked overdue.
  3. You can provide more detailed information about the task in the Description field.
  4. If you have already completed the task, you can tick the checkbox.
  5. Click Save task.
  6. Add more tasks or come back to them later.
A plan with several tasks

Plans under Content

Plan on a portfolio page

That’s what a plan looks like in a portfolio page. Clicking on the title of the task shows / hides the task description.

3.6.3. Edit tasks in a plan

  1. Click on Content -> Plans -> the Manage tasks button manage or the title of the plan.
  2. Click on the Edit button edit next to a task that you want to change.
  3. Make your changes or mark a task as completed.
  4. Click Save task and your changes are recorded.