3.6. Plans

Content → Plans

Plans are simple ToDo lists. They are particularly well-suited to plan medium and long-term endeavours. A plan can consist of a number of individual activities with which completion dates are associated.

3.6.1. Create a new plan

Create a new plan

Create a new plan

  1. Click the Create new plan button.
  2. Title: Give your plan a title. This field is mandatory.
  3. Description: Give your plan a description. It is visible when you select a plan for inclusion into a portfolio page.
  4. Click the Save plan button to keep your new plan.

Now you can add individual tasks to your plan.

3.6.2. Add tasks to a plan

There are several ways to add a task to a plan:

  • Click on Add task right after you saved your plan.
  • Click on Content → Plans → the title of the plan → New task.
  • Click on Content → Plans → the Manage tasks button manage → New task.

Once you are in the New task screen, you can create your new task.

Add a new task to a plan

Add a new task to a plan

  1. Title: Enter a title for your task. This field is mandatory.
  2. Completion date: Provide a completion date. Either choose the date via the calendar icon calendar or enter it in the format YYYY/MM/DD. This field is mandatory and allows for tasks to be marked overdue automatically.
  3. Description: Provide more detailed information about the task.
  4. Completed: Tick this check box if you have already completed the task.
  5. Click the Save task button to finish editing your task.
  6. Add more tasks immediately or at a later point.
A plan with several tasks

Plans under Content

Plan on a portfolio page

That’s what a plan looks like in a portfolio page. Clicking on the title of the task shows / hides the task description.

3.6.3. Edit tasks in a plan

  1. Click on Content → Plans → the Manage tasks button manage or the title of the plan.
  2. Click on the Edit button edit next to a task that you want to change.
  3. Make your changes or mark a task as completed.
  4. Click Save task and your changes are recorded.