10. Staff access

Institution staff members enjoy a number of additional rights to regular members, for example:

  • creation of controlled groups
  • viewing of the real name of users
  • new15 access to the User search page
  • new15 viewing of the access list of user’s pages

10.1. new15 Searching for institution members

Institution information → User search

Institution staff members have an additional navigation item: Institution information.

Main navigation bar for staff members

Main navigation bar for staff members

In the future, this navigation item can have a number of more sub items. Currently, it only holds the user search from which further actions can be taken.

When you are on the User search page, you can view all members of your institution or just a select few.

user search page as viewed by a staff member

User search page as viewed by a staff member

  1. Filter the users you wish to display by their initials of the first and / or last name.
  2. Type the name, display name, username or email address or any partial thereof you wish to search for in the search field. new15 If the site administrator turned on the exact search, you need to provide the correct name or email address and not a partial one.
  3. Click the Go button to start searching.
  4. Decide how many results per page you want to view.
  5. View your results. The default order is alphabetically according the the first name. However, you can change the order of the results by clicking on a heading and sort that column in ascending or descending order.
  6. Select all or just a few users for bulk actions.
  7. Click the Get reports button to
    • view user reports
    • download user account information for further actions

10.2. new15 Viewing user reports

Institution information → User search → click on Get reports

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The functionality available to staff members is similar to the one for institution and site administrators as described in the site administrator section on user reports if the site administrator allowed staff members to view the access reports.

This functionality can be especially interesting to a Mahara that is being used with young learners who may require more scaffolding and supervision of which pages they make accessible to which other users or the public.


Despite the access to the reports and the CSV download file, staff members cannot manipulate user accounts or access user pages to which they have not received direct access from the user. The reports page only lists the pages, but does not give default access.