1. What’s new in Mahara 22.10?

Mahara is being improved from version to version. On this page, you see the highlights for the latest release of Mahara.


More new features still need to be documented. Please check back later in December 2022.

You can see a list of all new features on Launchpad or check out the features via the new in Mahara 22.10 ‘New in Mahara 22.10’ index entries.

1.1. Rename ‘Pages and collections’ to ‘Portfolios’

Collective, pages and collections are portfolios. We use the term ‘portfolio’ more consistently across the site, in particular when referring to both pages and collections. The concepts of a page and a collection remain in place, but where possible, ‘portfolios’ is used so as to put the emphasis on the content rather than the functionality.

1.2. Site registration is opt-out

Mahara sites are automatically registered with the Mahara project and send aggregated, anonymised information once a week.


This change is also applied to older versions of Mahara, i.e. 22.04.3, 21.10.5, and 21.04.7.

1.3. Differentiate between alt text and caption for images

You can differentiate between alt text and an image caption as well as decide whether your image is decorative for improved accessibility. Depending on your selection, Mahara either creates the alt text or adds and empty alt tag to make it easier for people using screen readers to perceive the content on a page.