1. What’s new in Mahara 21.10?

Mahara is being improved from version to version. On this page, you see the highlights for the latest release of Mahara.

You can see a list of all new features on Launchpad or check out the features via the new in Mahara 21.10 ‘New in Mahara 21.10’ index entries.

1.1. ‘Contact us’ notifications to institution administrator

Notifications sent by logged-in institution members go to the respective institution administrators instead of the site administrator. That way, site administrators do not have to forward requests meant for institution administrators as frequently. Notifications sent by someone not logged in still go to the site administrator.

1.2. SmartEvidence for group templates

If an institution allows to use SmartEvidence, a framework can be added to a group portfolio used as template for the creation of personal portfolios.

1.3. Include or exclude private comments from export

Decide whether you want to include or exclude private comments from your portfolio export to retain the original setting on private comments and not make them viewable by others.

1.4. Collapsible page comments

When you open a page, the comments area at the bottom of a page, when the portfolio author allowed comments, is collapsed per default to save space.

Collapsed comments area on a page

Collapsed comments area on a page

1.5. Skin stays with copied page

When you copy a page or a collection that has one or more skins applied to its pages, the skins come along with the pages if they are public or site skins that you are allowed to use.

1.6. LTI Advantage

LTI Advantage is implemented as experimental feature. At the moment, it has been tested with the Brightspace learning management system. The recording showcases the three main functionalities that are achieved:

  • Authentication

  • Setup of groups based on courses and enrolment information

  • Portfolio submission

1.7. Current submissions across the site

View current submissions to the site from groups or external hosts that use LTI Advantage. The overview page allows site and institution administrators to quickly release portfolios that were submitted accidentally.

1.8. Developer functionalities

There are a few pages that make it easier for developers to have access to information they may want to check out when upgrading Mahara or developer new or changed functionalities:

Additionally, if you want to install Mahara with default text in your preferred language, provided a :translation exists, set your browsing language.