5. Groups

Groups can be used for collaboration among users as they offer the possibilities to:

  • discuss topics in forums
  • create and edit pages and collections together
  • share files
  • share pages
  • submit pages for assessment / feedback


Groups can be created by every user, staff or administrators only. The site administrator decides that in Administration → Configure site → Group settings.

The Groups menu has a number of sub menus:

  • My groups: Displays the groups that you administer or in which you are a member. You can create new groups from here if you have the appropriate rights.
  • Find groups: Lists all groups in the system that you can view and allows you to join or request membership in them if groups allow that.
  • My friends: Displays your friends and gives you easy access to their profile pages.
  • Find friends: Search for users in Mahara that you may wish to add to your friends list.
  • Shared pages: Lists the pages that you have permission to view.
  • Topics: Shows the latest discussion topics in your groups.